AYD has a select diversified design portfolio consisting of passenger ferries, landing craft, barges, patrol craft, amphibious vehicle, motor yachts, pleasure craft, production yachts, sport fisher, captain launches to name a few......


Commercial Vessels and Recreational Craft

AYD designs include both monohull and catamaran hull forms, in composite, aluminium and steel construction and range from 6m to 24m in vessel length

AYD 6.5m Aluminium Patrol Craft - designed for South Korea Water Police; built by Hyundai Yachts South Korea

AYD 12m Aluminium Catamaran - designed for Singapore Zoo to operate as a tourist viewing vessel. Electric Pod Drive propulsion with Lloyds SSC classification

AYD 12m Aluminium Landing Craft - designed for AMSA Survey Class 2C/2D; built by Fleet Industries in Yeppoon Qld for Keppel Barges. Operating between Yeppoon and Great Keppel Island Qld. 

AYD 12.5 m Composite Sports Yacht - production boat design for Xingma Yacht Builders, PRC. 

AYD 14m Composite Sportsfisher - production boat design for Qingdao Yacht Builders, PRC.