Recreational Craft Certification

ASEA Yacht Design, in association with EU notified body 'International Marine Certification Institute' (IMCI) and the US 'National Marine Manufacturers Association' (NMMA) provides boat and marine component manufacturers with EU and US certification

International Marine Certification Institute  (IMCI)

IMCI is an independent notified body providing certification services to manufacturers who desire to market their boats and marine components in the European Union.

CE Certification is required for all recreational boats entering or being sold in the European Union. Manufacturers must test and document to ensure conformity to all applicable European directives and the Essential Safety Requirements. CE certification is obtained from Notified Bodies, organizations that are recognized by European states to conduct CE assessments and issue CE certification documents

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National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)

NMMA is the US leading trade association representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. Collectively, NMMA members manufacture an estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America.

NMMA is a unifying force and powerful voice for the recreational boating industry, working to strengthen and grow boating and protect the interests of its member companies.

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